Is anal sex dangerous?

Is anal sex dangerous?

12/01/2018 1 By AnalHealth

Most gay men and around 10% of sexually active women have anal sex. As you would expect this naturally means the recipient end of the “exchange” accommodates the giving end, in their butt. Which results in pleasure, usually, for both parties because the anus can be an erogenous zone. Let’s talk about erogenous zones first.

Erogenous zone

So, what is an erogenous zone? An erogenous zone is a part of your body that has increased sensitivity and can be used for sexual stimulation, such as anal sex. These high sensitivity areas, when stimulated, can awaken your carnal desires and fantasies, even cause an orgasm. That’s the simple gist of it. This is the science of the “receiving end”. And for the pitcher, the anus can provide a tight stimulus which can lead to an orgasm. As with most “adventurous” practices in human sexuality, this has some risks. And requires a lot more preparation than the kind the church approves of.

Anal tearing, bleeding and STDs

Firstly, this certain activity is a lot more dangerous for the receiving end because your anus as you would expect lacks the natural lubrication system a vagina has. Sometimes, prolonged stimulation and therefore increased friction can cause discomfort, tearing, bleeding, and from such wounds, infections. You probably already know which kind of sexually transmitted disease, a.k.a STD, we are talking about at this point. HIV. This is naturally an extreme scenario and can mostly be avoided by right preparation before engaging in anal intercourse. Such as proper lubrication and protection.


Regardless of STDs or other less or more dangerous infections, your colon is also full of bacteria. The good kind and the bad kind. Your body hosts more bacterial cells than your own cells, we should add at this point. So these bacteria that reside in your gut may also cause other infections. Sticking it back in the conventional hole afterwards may also result in some UTIs (urinary tract infections).


Lastly, the most obvious reason why some people avoid anal sex, is that your anus is designed to hold in poop. Yes we are talking about that now. It just doesn’t randomly come and go as it pleases as you probably know. Your anal muscles control the exit and when you go number 2, they relax and allow the excrement to pass. Continuous stimulation and dilation of your anal muscles may weaken the aforementioned muscles and might result in trouble holding it in, among other similarly uncomfortable results. One good way of preventing this is doing Kegel exercises.

Overall, if you are feeling adventurous and want to try new things, and as long as you’re properly prepared and aware of the risks, there isn’t much that is holding you back. Remember to wear protection and be mindful of your partner in order to minimize the risks of anal sex.