Hair removal around the anus(anal waxing and others)

Hair removal around the anus(anal waxing and others)

12/19/2018 1 By AnalHealth

Many men and women around the world groom themselves. Some daily, some when they are about to get some action. Since the anus is a very sensitive area, it is best to be well informed in order to avoid anal tearing and anal bleeding. We are going to share some information with you about anal waxing, anal shaving and other methods that can be used for hair removal around anus.


The most common method of anal hair removal nowadays is of course shaving. Usually involving a razor, shaving does not completely remove hairs, but only the protruding parts of them. Leaving the bases usually intact. Although this is an effective method of anal hair removal, there are naturally inherent risks to it. Such as, you guessed it, cuts. As mentioned above the anus is a sensitive part of your body and cuts there can prove to be very problematic. The best course of action to prevent cuts would be to use products to help guide the bale for a smoother shaving experience. In case you cut yourself make sure to properly disinfect the area since the anus is prone to infections.

Shaving does have other less severe but disturbing results, such as ingrown hairs and stubble. You probably know how a stubble feels like. It might be fine when it is on your face, but imagine it around your anus.Not the best feeling right? It might make even walking a chore. This brings us to our next method.


Waxing is the removal of hair completely. Including the base of the hair. The material used grabs onto your anal hairs and pulls them out as it is removed. Anal waxing also has risks naturally. It might irritate your anus or cause tiny fissures or bleeding. Overall a safer method than shaving, since no sharp blades are included, waxing is the choice of many people around the world. You probably have heard of Brazilian waxing or bikini waxing (some people call it “brazilian bikiniwaxing).  The downside of anal waxing is it can be painful. Especially so around your anus or other sensitive areas. After several waxing, the anal area does get used to it and the pain usually recedes. The upside is that it usually is a lot cleaner and free from stubble and ingrown hairs, compared to shaving.


Other anal hair removal products

There are many other products on the market that claim to get rid of hair in a matter of minutes and leave the are used smooth as a baby’s bottom, pun intended. Although some of these products do work, they also usually are a different mix of chemicals and might irritate or even damage the skin. This goes doubly so for sensitive areas such as your anus. Your best bet with these would be to consult your doctor to prevent any damage to your anus or any other place used.


With all said and done, make sure to properly clean the area after you are done to prevent any infections. A shower or other after shave or after wax products might be in order.