HPV Virus

HPV Virus

12/20/2018 0 By AnalHealth

HPV (human papillomavirus) is the most common STI, or sexually transmitted infection, in the world. It has many different types and usually is not as dangerous as other culprits such as HIV and goes away by itself. But there still are some health risks involved.

HPV Symptoms

Let’s start with what it does to your body. Despite usually going away on its own, HPV warts and HPV cancers can present themselves after being infected . The cancers can basically be anywhere that is used in sexual intercourse. Penis, vagina, anus, throat etc. Cancer does take a long time to develop taking sometimes decades even. The type that causes cancer is not the same as the one that causes hpv warts. Neither of them sound very appealing right? Despite one being a lot more severe than the other, staying safe is the better option regardless. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing who will develop what when infected with HPV.

Do I have HPV?

As said before a lot of people that are infected don’t even know that they are infected. They don’t develop symptoms or any adverse effects. There are no tests to determine if a person has HPV, but there are specific tests done on cancers in order to find out if they are caused by HPV. Your physician can tell you more about the ins and outs of the procedure should you need it. Hopefully not, which brings us to our next paragraph.

Protection and prevention from HPV

Luckily there is a vaccine for the HPV virus. The HPV vaccine is very good at what it does as well so getting vaccinated can be a no brainer. As always the usage of condoms drastically reduces the chances of getting any infection. Beware though, as HPV can infect areas that are not covered.

Health is no joke. If you sense an abnormality in your body, go see your doctor. Even though being a hypochondriac is just needless stress for your body, being too carefree is a lot more dangerous. Routine check ups for cervical cancers for women can catch it early. Since HPV men is also very common, males should not hesitate to consult their doctor if there are any bumps around their genital area.