Preparation for Anal Sex

Preparation for Anal Sex

12/17/2018 0 By AnalHealth

Seems a lot of people are scared of anal sex because of the societal norms and the usual stigma that anal sex is messy and painful. You might be surprised to learn that with the right preparation and stimulation anal sex can be very fun, let alone a dirty painful endeavour.

Anal cleansing

Naturally the first step of anal preparation is cleaning out. The most common method is to first defecate and then to clean around your anus. Wash it gently with some soap and warm water or with wipers and you are done. A more deeper cleanse is cleaning out your bowel. Enemas can be used, small tubes or big bags, but be mindful that this isn’t a natural process of your body and can lead to complications when not done properly. We aren’t going to delve any deeper on how to use them as you can find that information online with ease.

Proceeding with penetration

Whether it is full on penetration or just regular external stimulation, you can derive a lot of pleasure from anal sex since it is an erogenous zone. You can learn more about erogenous zones here. Proper stimulation before penetration will greatly increase the enjoyability of your experience, for both partners. Foreplay and stimulation will allow the anus to relax and everything will proceed smoothly afterwards, if you have followed the proper hygiene routine. Reducing the friction in the area is also a great idea. Lubes are the most common tools used to do so. As you probably have seen by now, if you have ever entered a drug store or a supermarket in the last 10 years, lubes are pretty common and easy to find nowadays. There is a variety of lubes out there available with different uses, sizes or flavours even. Pick the one that suits your tastes and get ready for some action.


All in all, with appropriate preparation anal sex is nothing to be afraid of and might spice up your sex life. Regardless of gender anal sex and anal play are enjoyed around the world by many couples, be it gay or straight, and if a lot of people are interested in this anal sex, perhaps it might be something you might be interested in as well. Just make sure to stay hygienic, as poop comes out of there, and prepare properly to avoid any issues such as anal bleeding or anal tearing.